To gain more visibility on the subject I've started a new thread. No solution yet and thanks Acer for trying to look into it. I almost wondered if there was a typo in the code preventing it from working properly since the code for ospd3 exists. We could almost write a loop code to check if something other than the word builtin is possible, using the try catch statement.

I'll re-iterate the issue

> bid := Create('ospd3');
Error, (in unknown) argument must be a list of strings, or the special name `builtin'

> bid := Create('what'); #see what Maple is expecting
Error, invalid input: StringTools:-PatternDictionary:-Create expects its 1st argument, dict, to be of type {list(string), identical(builtin), identical(ospd3)}, but received what

So ospd3 is acceptable but Maple is not accepting it. M15 is okay but not prior versions. Just trying to figure out for sure if it's at all possible to work. I wonder if any input from someone who works at Maplesoft (pchin, joe riel or anyone who might know)would help here having more insight into the code behind the scenes and bugs fixed. Perhaps they could shed some more light on the subject and help us arrive at a workable solution?

I realize maplesoft is hard at work getting the latest version ready so it may be difficult to get any input from them. Acer's idea that it makes a check to a compiled external function might indeed stop anything from circumventing the issue. However if there is a solution maybe we can be clever enough to figure it out?

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