This should be a blog post but there is no option for ordinary mapleprimers. 

If you have a gmail account you can access the data on google insights (what people search for on google and where in the world is that keyword searched the most).  Actually you don't need gmail but you don't get access to the full data and your limited to a few searches.  Using Maples internet connectivity commands I'm sure could prove to create some interesting apps.

It's not surprising that the search term Maple occurs most often from Canada (where maplesoft was originally based although maple trees and syrup may also play a role in that search term).  Again not surprising that the search term Mathematica shows a hotmap with the U.S. at the number one spot. 

What is surprising, is the search term Matlab and the U.S. is nowhere in sight (ha that's a play on words for google insight) anyway it shows Taiwan as first and then Iran? as second.  Why would Iran be so high up?  My only thought was that they are doing some heavy numerical simulations on their nuclear program or something.  Then again the whole south eastern Asia region is a hotmap for matlab searches, strange indeed. 

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