We have just released Maple 16.02 and MapleSim 6.01.

Maple 16.02 includes updated platform support, enhancements to the Physics package (including fixes to problems first reported on MaplePrimes - thank-you),  connectivity to the latest version of MATLAB and Visual Studio , as well as some efficiency and interface improvements. See the Maple 16.02 update page for more details.

MapleSim 6.01 includes updated platform support, compatibility with Visual Studio 2012, enhanced performance, and increased backwards compatibility. See the MapleSim 6.01 update page for more details.

MapleSim users, please note that the MapleSim update will automatically include the Maple update, so you only need to install MapleSim 6.01 to get everything.

Later this afternoon, you will be able to get these updates using Tools>Check for Updates from within Maple or Help>Check for Updates from within MapleSim, or you can download the files from the updates page listed above.


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