A powerful approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics for students of science and engineering has been made practical through the development of powerful general mathematical software, of which Maple provides the least steep learning curve.  Accordingly, it is timely to produce an interactive electronic textbook that, for students of chemistry -- also biochemistry and chemical engineering, has as its objective in part I,
Mathematics for Chemistry, to teach all the mathematics that an instructor of chemistry might wish his undergraduate students to learn and to understand on the basis of courses typically delivered in departments of
mathematics and statistics.  Of nine chapters in part I, the titles are
     0   Exemplary illustrations of use of Maple
     1   Numbers, symbols and elementary functions
     2   Plotting, geometry, trigonometry, complex analysis and functions
     3   Differentiation
     4   Integration
     5   Calculus with multiple independent variables
     6   Linear algebra
     7   Differential and integral equations
     8   Probability, statistics, regression and optimization
The content of these chapters is almost entirely mathematical, with some examples and exercises having a chemical or physical basis.
     In part II, intended to serve as Mathematics of Chemistry, in the sense of the standard volumes by Margenau and Murphy, the intention is to present the mathematical basis of several topics typically taught within
chemistry courses at undergraduate or post-graduate level.  The titles of chapters available in Part II within edition 4.0 are
     9   Chemical equilibrium
    10   Group theory
    11   Graph theory
    12   Introduction to quantum mechanics
    13   Introduction to molecular optical spectrometry
Further content to be added to Part II is under active development.
     This book is made available, gratis, through Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby British Columbia Canada at http://www.cecm.sfu.ca/research/chemistry.html and requires a recent release of Maple for its use.

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