Here's your chance to have some more fun with cryptography!

The attached worksheet illustrates the use of the encryption and decryption algorithm that Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman described (RSA Algorithm). The worksheet shows how Maple can be used to generate random numbers to use as your public and private keys and how to encrypt and decrypt a message generated in cipher code.

The worksheet also contains a tool that allows you to enter your friend's public key and a "secret message" you wish to send them. It then enciphers and encrypts the message to produce a message you can send to your friend, which no one but them can decrypt.

A second tool the worksheet provides, allows you to enter your own private key and a message that a friend encrypted using your public key. It then decrypts and deciphers the message so you can see the "secret message" your friend is trying to send you.

Watch the RSA Algorithm - Video Tutorial (Ctrl + click) to see examples of how to use the two tools.

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