As a powerlifter, I constantly find myself calculating my total between my competition lifts, bench, squat, and deadlift. Following that, I always end up calculating my wilks score. The wilks score is a score used to compare lifters between weight classes ( ), as comparing someone who weighs 59kg in competition like me, to someone who weighs 120kg+, the other end of the spectrum; obviously the 120kg+ lifter is going to massively out-lift me.

So I decided to program a wilks calculator for quick use, rather than needing to go search for one on the internet. For anyone curious about specific scoring, a score of 300+ is very strong for the average gym goer, and is about normal for a powerlifter. A score of 400+ makes you strong for a powerlifter, putting you in the top 250 powerlifters, while 500+ is the very top, as far as unequipped powerlifting goes, including the top 30. For anyone wondering, my best score at my best meet was 390, although given the progress I’ve made in the gym, should be above 400 by my next meet.

Hope you all enjoy!

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