It passed through my mind it would be interesting to collect the links to the most relevant Mapleprimes posts about Quantum Mechanics using the Physics package of the last couple of years, to have them all accessible from one place. These posts give an idea of what kind of computation is already doable in quantum mechanics, how close is the worksheet input to what we write with paper and pencil, and how close is the typesetting of the output to what we see in textbooks.

At the end of each page linked below, you will see another link to download the corresponding worksheet, that you can open using Maple (say the current version or the version 1 or 2 years ago).

This other set of three consecutive posts develops one problem split into three parts:

This other link is interesting as a quick and compact entry point to the use of the Physics package:

There is an equivalent set of Mapleprimes posts illustrating the Physics package tackling problems in General Relativity, collecting them is for one other time.

Edgardo S. Cheb-Terrab
Physics, Differential Equations and Mathematical Functions, Maplesoft

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