Please take a look at the attached document, a partial design for a power supply I'm working on.  I find I am spending a lot of time reformatting results with units to look as nice as what you see here.  For every result, I need to do Units Formatting, change to a sensible unit like uH instead of 10^-6 H, and then do Numeric Formatting to change the number to show just three significant digits.  That requires from 0 to 2 decimals, in fixed point.

This is the way engineering documents should look.  You want to see a fixed point number from 1.00 to 999, with a certain number of significant digits (not decimal points), and have the unit scaled accordingly.  You want to see 12.3 uA, not 1.23402 x 10^-5 A.

I would like to see Maple add "N significant digits" to its Numeric Formatting options and auto-scale results with units to the appropriate multiplier.  If I could set that as my default result formatting it would save a huge amount of work.  Often as a design progresses the multiplier will change, also.  A result may initially come out in mA but later change to uA.  Not only do I have to do them all manually now, but I have to go back and change them.  Automating all that would be a great help.

(You may also notice that my vector results with units are not scaled like I describe here.  If anyone can tell me how to do that I would appreciate it.  Otherwise, it looks like a bug to me.)

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