Maple allows to extract, manipulate, and optimize equations from a MapleSim model. Code can be generated from the equations in various programming languages. To verify the code, C code can be imported back into the original MapleSim model and compared to the model.

This verification step is not an everyday task, but it is advisable before the code is used elsewhere (e.g., in a controller). This post summarizes helpfull links and provides an additional example with equations that are too large to be efficiently verified by code review.

Comparison to a physical model is demonstrated here on an older version of MapleSim (~2015). In newer versions the import has changed (basics are described in Tutorial 6.6: Using the External C Code/DLL Custom Component App). An external C compiler must be set-up to make the import work.

The attached MapleSim model verifies against an optimized custom component. Instead of manually entering and modifying the code as described in the Tutorial 6.6, the model uses a Maple worksheet that programmatically generates C code from Maple equations and modifies the C code (sets C definitions and parameters) to be usable for MapleSim’s External C/Library Block App.

The Maple worksheet to generate and modify C code has been improved in many details with support from MaplePrime users for which I would like to express my thanks.




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