I did not see such a post for 2023 so I am starting one.

What is your 3 top bug fixes or improvements  you would like to see in Maple 2023? 

Here are mine

  1. Fix timelimit so that it completes at or near the time requested and not hang or take 10 hrs when asked to timeout after say 30 seconds.
  2. Fix the large amount of server crashes and the many random hangs when running large computation that takes long time. i.e. Make Maple more robust.
  3. Allow the user to remove output from worksheet while it is still running (Evaluate->Remove output from worksheet)

Maple is a nice language and has many nice functions. But it is the usability part of Maple that leaves many bad impressions because of these things that should really have been fixed by now given how long  Maple software have been around.

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