Maple introduced "Copy as LaTeX" a few versions ago and I have used this feature exensively when it suddenly stopped working.

After som experiments I found the root cause and easy (but irritating) workaround for OSX

"Copy as LaTeX" suddenly stops working ("Copy as MathML" still works fine)

This problem appears if in “Display Setting”-tab in settings dialogue the “Input display” is set to “Maple Notation
In that case all attempts on “Copy as LaTeX” will be a null-function and not move anything at all into the copy buffer.
The “Copy as MathML” is not affected by this in the same way.

I have confirmed this on OSX both Maple 2022 and 2023

Adjusting “Display Setting”-tab in settings dialogue so that the “Input display” is set to “2-D Math” and “Apply Globally” makes it work again.
A bit annoying as a prefer the maple notation input and I cannot have this setting if I want the copy to latex to work.
in OSX this can also be fixed by removing the Maple preferences file and letting Maple restore it.
~/Library/Preferences/Maple/2023/Maple Preferences

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