It's been years since expressions like A %* B %+ C involving inert arithmetic operators used in infix form are correctly understood (parsed) when written on a 1D-Math input line. The idea is simple: have the operators %. %*, %+, %-, %^, %/ work on input as infix operators the same way their active forms: ., *, +, -, ^, / do. This useful functionality, however, remained elusive when using 2D-Math input notation, so one would have to resort to using the functional form of the operators. E.g., input the above as `%+`(`%*`(A, B) ,C), which for me is really ugly. Besides being a bit demoralizing: we do all this fuzz about how great computer algebra and 2D-Math input notation is, and then input things in that way …

So this is to mention that this elusive functionality of inert arithmetic operators used in infix form within a 2D-Math input line now works. The novelty is present in the latest Maplesoft Physics Updates for Maple 2023, which is version 1490. As usual, to install the Updates open a Maple worksheet and input Physics:-Version(latest).

Here is an image (worksheet at the end) showing the new thing

The implementation is pretty new; reports of anything related to these inert operators not displayed/working as you'd expect are much appreciated. 

Download Inert_arithmetic_operators_in_2D_Math.mw

Edgardo S. Cheb-Terrab
Physics, Differential Equations and Mathematical Functions, Maplesoft

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