On some Linux distributions, the default font (Lucida Bright at size 12) for text mode in Maple's Standard GUI doesn't look as good as it might at the default magnification.

Here's a screenshot of Maple 12 and some text in a worksheet (on my very old Fedora Core 2).

Notice how some letters look odd. The "i" and "s" are mismatched, as are the "u" and "c", etc. The screenshot may not do full justice to its ugliness. That is with Maple's option for font antialiasing enabled (though it wasn't improved by disabling the antialiasing -- those letters' sizes were still mismatched).

This is with Lucida Bright, which as I gather is the "recommended" font for a Java application that is intended as cross-platform. That is used at size 12 as Maple's default style for text mode (on Linux).

So I installed the "Microsoft TrueType core fonts", by following the instructions here.

My old Linux FC2 X server can handle TrueType fonts, as I believe  most  modern  Linux distributions can.

Now I get the following look, first with and then without font antialiasing enabled. It is much improved.

I don't know how the default appearance on other, more modern Linux distributions looks. Perhaps the Lucida Bright 12pt font appears more pleasing on new distributions using the stock fonts. Feedback is welcome.

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