Every now and then someone will post here on Mapleprimes and the code will use an older package such as linalg or stats. Quite often it is clear that the poster is new to Maple. Yet these packages have been superceded with new ones, eg. LinearAlgebra and Statistics.

One obvious question that then arises is: how did this user decide to use the older package?

I just did a google search on linear algebra maple. Of the ten results on the first page, eight were about linalg. A few were links to texts. many were links to Maple tutorials at colleges or universities.

So, in the eight years since LinearAlgebra was released in Maple 6, many college tutorials continue to use the older linalg package. It seems safe to surmise that this is a likely cause of why students and new users get directed to the out-of-date packages.

What can be done about it? Well, it shouldn't be that much work (most are short and simple) to rewrite these pages using the newer packages,and send the updated version directly to the relevant site administrators.


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