Another interesting undocumented package in the Maple 11.02 Library.

> with(PiecewiseTools);
   [Convert, Differentiate, Integrate, Is, Limit, Simplify, Support, ToList]

> op(1,PiecewiseTools);
local ApplyImplementation, CompareImplementation, DiffImplementation,
ExportImplementation, GetBooleanImplementation, GetIndetsImplementation,
IntImplementation, LimitImplementation, NormalizeImplementation,
ImportImplementation, Apply, ApplyLocally, Compare, ConvertibleFunctions,
Export, GetBoolean, GetIndets, GetParameters, GetType, GetUpperBound,
GetValue, Import, InertFunctions, Normalize, SeparateBreakPoint;
Convert, Differentiate, Integrate, Is, Limit, Simplify, Support, ToList;
package, `Copyright (c) Maplesoft, a division of Waterloo Maple Inc. 2005`
description "a package for piecewise tools";
end module

Querying the help-system with ?PiecewiseTools brings up the page for Undocumented Protected Names (which has other tantalizing morsels in it).


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