Increasingly, I see the need to distribute a Maple worksheet with some auxiliary files. These extra files typically contain additional Maple code. These extra files could be a command file, a Maple libray archive (mla) or an image (for use in a maplet, say). I can create my own ZIP archive to e-mail, but I would like to be able to post some of these resources on my website in a format that they can be automatically executed when downloaded. I understand that there are some potential security issues here, but I still like to see if there cannot be some support for this functionality. What I have in mind is something very similar to the way attachments are handled in e-mail with multi-part MIME. Here's what I think should work: use multi-part MIME to create a document whose main part is a Maple file with type (.mw or .maplet) and each additional file (command file, image, ...) is a separate part (a la attachments). When downloaded, if the browser has been appropriately configured, the parts are separated and the first part is sent to Maple (just as the e-mail reader displays the first part of the message as the body and the other parts as attachments). Admittedly, I do not have a thorough understanding of this technology. I hope my explanation is sufficiently clear for someone with the technical knowledge to correct my statements or to express them in a more appropriate way - or to tell me why this is impossible. Doug
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