A poster on the usenet group comp.soft-sys.math.maple asked how to do the following more simply:
A:={ { [1,2],[3,4] } , { [5,6],[7,8] } }:

       {{[f(1), f(2)], [f(3), f(4)]}, {[f(5), f(6)], [f(7), f(8)]}}
As has been discussed here recently, this can be readily done using evalindets. For example,
evalindets(A, list, integer, f);
       {{[f(3), f(4)], [f(1), f(2)]}, {[f(5), f(6)], [f(7), f(8)]}}
However, there are cases where evalindets may not be so easily applied, that is, where it is tricky to isolate the element we want to operate on using just a type match. Instead we would prefer to operate on all elements at a particular depth in the structure. One way to do that is with the following procedure
maptolev := proc(lev::nonnegint, f, e) 
end proc:
The first parameter, lev, specifies the depth of the elements to which f is applied. If lev=0 then f is applied to the entire structure, that is maptolev(0,f,A) = f(A). Here is how it is used to solve the given example:
maptolev(3, f, A);
      {{[f(1), f(2)], [f(3), f(4)]}, {[f(5), f(6)], [f(7), f(8)]}}

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