Hi! I'm ScasByte welcome to my MaplePrime blog.

If you are interested in 3d Strange Attractors but you don't know how to create it here I can show you how, create Strange Attractor is actually very easy, if you are new to Maple then you might this very useful.
Here is a link to the first 3d Strange Attractor(the most simple of all) a PickOver.

Here is the code to generate a PickOver:
pPickOver := proc (startX, startY, startZ, a, b, c, d, n, A)
local x, y, z, X, i;
#starting values of x, y, z.
x := startX; y := startY; z := startZ;
#main loop
for i to n do
#save the old x value
X := x;
x := sin(a*y)-z*cos(b*x);
y := z*sin(c*X)-cos(d*y);
z := sin(X);
#save the values into an array
A[i, 1] := x;
A[i, 2] := y;
A[i, 3] := z;
end do;
end proc;

Now just call the procedure and plot it, this can be done with the following code:
A := Array(1 .. 2000, 1 .. 3, datatype = float[8]);
evalhf(pPickOver(0, 0, 0, 1.302, 1.11259, .331, 1.51851, 2000, A))
plots[pointplot3d](A, symbol = point, axes = boxed)

To create an animation you need to put the last over a loop, then save it to your HD as images or directly create an animation using plots[display] command...

Thats all for this time, I will add more Strange Attractors... ScasByte scasbyte@hotmail.com

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