Because my ISP no longer offers home pages, I'm putting the source to maplev-mode here.

maplev-mode is an Emacs major mode for developing Maple code. Its features include:

  • font-lock (highlighting) of Maple keywords
  • automatic indentation
  • syntax checking (via Mint)
  • online Maple help
  • online display of Maple procedures
  • imenu support
  • auto-fill support

It works properly with NTEmacs on a Windows machine and with GNU Emacs on a Linux box. It has been tested with GNU Emacs 21.2. It is supposed to work with Xemacs but the testing done with Xemacs has been minimal. The manual is badly out of date.

The current version supports Maple 11 and previous releases of Maple.

I use a dark background, but the maplev-mode can be configured to use a light background. Clicking on the highlighted "on line 13" message in the mint buffer moves the point to that location in the source buffer. Download
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