I did that for matrix inversion:

Here is some stuff for doing that by calling Maple from Excel. The reason
is that one could care for extreme cases, where a really good precision
is needed. I included an example how to switch to rationals, where the
inversion can even be done exactly (do not use it for dimensions to high
and then it would be better to do it solely in Maple + cut&paste).

To use it one must have Maple installed (I think at least version 8) and
activated the Excel interface (check Maple's help & manual). To use the
enclosed Excel shiet (VBA only: Excel is language dependent and more of
such would come in in a sheet, but this should work for non-english users as
well) one has to include the reference to the addin WMIMPLEX.xla (called
"MapleProject" after installation), which comes with Maple and is an interface.

Not very fast for pure numerics, but 'easy to use'.
Will Spaetzel suggested to gather such stuff in blogs, here it is: Download 102_Maple_VBA_matrix.zip
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