With mapleSTUDIO you can plot functions in 2D and 3D. Animating your plots won't be a problem any time. This is the easiest way to plot your functions.
You can use it here online on mapleNET or you can download it and run the worksheet on your Computer. For adding new components to this worksheet I will only change the file on mapleprimes, but the name and the URL will be the same. So you should bookmark the mapleNET-URL for using the newest version of mapleSTUDIO. You can also add my Blog to your Feed-Reader, so you will know, when a new version is available.
With the next version their will come some examples in my Blog, how to do different things with mapleSTUDIO.
It would be great to get some feedback how it runs in your browser. Does the applet run correctly?
So try it and enjoy the smart way of plotting.

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