Here are the steps for making StartMaple example with Dev-C++.
  1. Start Dev-C++.
  2. Click File - New - Project, select Console Application, check C Project radio button and type the name of the project - something like SMexample.
  3. Copy the source from ?StartMaple help page and paste it in main.c (instead of pretyped text there).
  4. Click Alt+P (or Project - Project Options), go to Directories, select Include Directories and add C:\Program Files\Maple 10\extern\include there.
  5. In Parameters (in Project Options) in the Compiler window type -D_MSC_VER and in the Linker window click Add Library or Object and add "../Program Files/Maple 10/" .
  6. Click Ctrl+F9 (or Execute - Compile).
  7. Start cmd.exe, cd to the folder with the produced executable and type the name of it - something like SMexample.
  8. Enjoy.

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