As the title states, the pre tag should act like a LaTeX verbatim environment. For those not accustomed to the Joys of TeX, a verbatim environment duplicates the enclosed text. I thought that that was what the pre tag, however, that doesn't appear to be the case. That is, less-than signs (<) in a pre "environment" muck up the html. This makes it quite inconvenient to post snippets of maple code; we have to replace `<' with `&gt;', not particularly convenient. For example,
    if x<y then true fi
end proc:
is rendered, more or less, as
   if x
A workaround is to add space around the < signs; however, it would be nice if the pre tag didn't require this. Maybe this is a limitation of html; if so, please mention it and how to workaround it (is adding space around the symbols robust?).

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