Chi^2 calculations above some "size" or "complexity", using Maple 9.5 and Global Optimization Toolbox (GOT), may produce after some time of calculation error messages like:

"Execution stopped: stack limit reached.
The kernel has been shut down. Further computation cannot be performed."

Seeking workarounds, I have looked for information at ?kernelopts for kernelopts(stacklimit), but it was not very useful:

"Limits may be raised or lowered. Maple limits may not be raised above any system defined hard limits. "

Also, a web search produced information only about older versions (I am missing something?).

So, I have issued the commands:


where n is some integer, in several combinations of version, machine (ie RAM), operating system and user interface. The results that I have obtained up to now are collected in the table below.

Here, Cla and Com mean Classic worksheet and Command Line interfaces; default is the result of kernelopts(stacklimit), max is the largest integer not producing an error message of the next column

Maple   OS/UI        default    max	error

10      Win/Cla      131072      131072 (1)
10      Win/Com      131072      131072 (1)
10      RH7.1/Cla      8192     2937000 (2)
10      RH7.1/Com      8192     2937000 (2)

9.5     Win/Cla        2048        7907 (1)
9.5     Win/Com        7907        7907 (1)
9.5     RH7.1/Cla      8192     1906501 (3)
9.5     RH7.1/Com      8192     1906501 (3)

9       Win/Cla        2048        7907 (1)
9       Win/Com        7097        7907 (1)
9	RH7.1/Com      8192	1906501 (3)

8       Win/Cla        2048        7907 (4)
8       Win/Com        2016        7907 (4)

(1) Error, cannot raise the stacklimit above the hard limit
(2) Error, too many levels of recursion
(3) Error, integer too large in context
(4) Error, cannot raise the stacklimit

I would be very grateful if you could check these figures in your systems, and fill in missing information to this table.

Provisional conclusions and questions:

These limits seem to be independent of the amount of RAM (in the range 64MB-1GB), so that "hard limit" does not refer to a RAM hardware limit.

Hence, I do not understand from where these different limits arise and whether these four error messages mean the same in "different dialects".

If they were the same, it seems as if that my best chance for avoiding this error is with Maple 10 on Linux, is this true?

Classic and Command interfaces are identical wrt stack limit after Maple 8.

Regards, Alejandro

PD I have sent this message to maple-new a few days ago, but there was no reply yet. Perhaps there is a chance in this site. Without any previous message in this forum, I do not know whether this subject is proper here.

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