We've been working hard on the brand new version of MaplePrimes over the last few months. I am glad to announce that the new version will be launching publicly next week. The new site fixes many of the requests we've received from MaplePrimes users over the years, and adds new features that we think will make the new site easier to use, and a better way to get and share information about Maple and MapleSim.

Home Page

In order to start posting to the new MaplePrimes, you will need to migrate your account over to the new system. This is a quick process that just takes two minutes. What this does is fully integrates membership between MaplePrimes and Maplesoft.com. This means that to use either of Maplesoft's site's you will only need to remember one Nickname & Password.

All content from the current MaplePrimes will be imported over to the new site, it will all automatically be organized into the new system, making everything much easier to find. Plus, all existing hyperlinks to content within MaplePrimes will continue to work.

I have posted a number of Screenshots over my Flickr page. Head over there to get a glimpse into how the new site will look.

We look forward to sharing the new site with you all!

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