I am using Maple 14 in Windows xp.

If you enter an equation, or expression into a table the screen display shows more than adequate amount of blank space remaining in that particular table row.  However, when you look at the document in print preview or after printing it out you find that the free space in the row is not correctly displayed.  This is by no means subtle.  For example, I enter an equation into a table and it looks like at least half of the row is blank space yet when I print preview (or print) the equation shows up wrapped to another line in the row.

I have selected my printer (HP 8500) prior to working with the document (i.e. page|setup).  I have also tried selecting the other printer attached to my system (HP 1220C) but end up with the same result.  I also can print to a "PDF writer" and that also results in the same behavior.

I suppose the bottom line is that what you see on the screen may not be what you can expect on a printed page.

Has anyone else observed this?



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