If I was working for MapleSoft and I wanted to make sure that
Maple would become the best mathematics software in the world
the first thing I would look at would be my competitors.

I had a look at Mathematica's website and their marketing outline
some some very cool functionality that speak to my heart directly.
1) Integrated datasources  2) real time data analysis etc etc

I dont really like Mathematica due to their retarded programming
notation and I dont think Mathematica is a better product than
Maple but these guys really seem to be on the money when it
comes to their marketing ie they know what their customer wants.

Two other things I noticed: If you buy Matlab you get Simulink as well.
If you buy Maple you have to pay extra for MapleSim. I ask my self
is this a valid business model? The second thing is the global optimization.
Why would MapleSoft expect anyone to pay extra for global optimization?
Maple will not becomes best if they charge people money for every single
thing that they add to the platform...Maple will become the best by providing
outstanding value for the money that they are charging...

I do not thing it is a valid strategy to say, heyyy mathematica and
matlab are good at these things hence Maple should be good at
something different. Maple need to be better than mathematica and
matlab on ALL things that can be done on their platforms. On top
of that Maple need to have extra functionality that are not available in
these products. That should be the strategy for complete dominance ( ie monopoly). 

The last thing I am going to point out is related to parallel programing.
I want to have palette on the lefthand where I can see all the procedures
that are running in that worksheet. The idea that you only can execute
one procedure at the time from the command prombt is just ridiculous...
You should be able to start and stop (ie stop infinit loops) multiple
procedures simulatiously...they should be able to communicate with each
other...and the GUI....anything ells feels so 1960's...

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