I'm not sure why this is, but almost any topic I look up there is a link to someone who has done something similar to it in Matlab or Mathematica but not Maple.  And almost always if something is found in Maple, it can be found in both Matlab and Mathematica. 

Let's take for example googling rock paper and scissors.  Someone's done a simulation in Matlab and there's a notebook in mathematica, however I find nothing in Maple.  Also, however, I find googling maple collides with another product on the market out there called maplestory, that in itself is a separate problem.

It would appear to me that the majority of people in the market out there are using Matlab or Mathematica, it seems somewhat transparent given the fact that most schools in the U.S. endorsed Matlab and Mathematica when they came out.  Maple was pretty much an unknown leaving Matlab and Mathematica with firm grounding early on.  Plus the population level differences in the U.S. and Canada gave Matlab and Mathematica a head start.  At least that's my take on things.

I've noticed mathematica has a send a suggestion to the mathematica analysis team.  That sounds pretty cool.  I don't think Maple has such a catchy cool phrase other than send us a comment. 

One more thing I would like to mention, if Maple were to market it's product in a very cool way, a way that causes people out there to go WOW!, you can do that with Maple?  It would most certainly garner some more sales.  I seem to see a lot of ho hum graphics.  What grabs peoples attention right off the start is stunning or cool graphical things that can be done, after which follows functionality second, which Maple most certainly has. 

So when you intend to start a cool project or document with CAS software, is Maple the first thing you reach for?

hmm, that seems to have a nice ring to it, ... maybe something better ..  When you want to start a cool project or document we want Maple to be the first thing you reach for. 

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