I ran an advanced search in the application center at maplesoft and I'm not sure that it works properly.

Under advanced search I left the search field blank and selected MapleV to find all applications submitted for MapleV.  The first thing that happens is that it comes up with applications rated for newer versions of Maple.  Then it asks to click here to search our archived Maple-related applications (prior to Maple 10).

So I do that but it only produces 15 applications?  Is that all?  I find it hard to believe that there has only been 15 applications submitted to maplesoft for MapleV.  I realize it's I'm pretty sure I recall a lot more applications there under MapleV. 

I also did a search for Maple 7 and it produced 1 application.

Have some or most of the old applications been deleted?  Can someone tell me what's happened with all of the archived maple related applications? 



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