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  • With expression palette for multivariable calculus in Maple entering multivariable calculations wll be very easy such as double and triple integrals, line and surface integrals. No other program such as Mathematica or Matlab have this, why Maple don't be first who has this option.

    Sorry for my english it's not my mother language.


    Best wishes

    Aleksandar, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

    Maple doesn't seem to have a trace plot feature after you've created a plot.  The coordinate readout only roughly estimates the points.  Graphically I should be able to get exact points on a plotted line or curve as I move my cursor?  This feature has to be added as a new feature in future versions.

    Also I just noticed animated graphs do not have the coordinate feature. 

    eval is having 2 arguments, so how to apply it to expression sequences?

    Error, invalid input: 
        eval expects 1 or 2 arguments, but received 3

    The usual approach is to convert an expression sequence to a list, apply eval, and then either use op, or [] at the end to convert it back to an expression sentence. Something like

                                 y = 1, y = 2

    or use quotting,

    Computers with multiple processors have been around for a long time and people have been studying parallel programming techniques for just as along. However only in the last few years have multi-core processors and parallel programming become truly mainstream. What changed?

    Here are some definitions for terms used in this post:

    • core: the part of a processor responsible for executing a single series of instructions at a time.
    • processor: the physical chip that plugs into a motherboard. A computer can have multiple processors, and each processor can have multiple cores
    • process: a running instance of a program. A process's memory is usually protected from access by other processes.
    • thread: a running instance of a process's code. A single process can have multiple threads, and multiple threads can be executing at the same on multiple cores
    • parallel: the ability to utilize more than one processor at a time to solve problems more quickly, usually by being multi-threaded.

    For years, processors designers had been able to increase the performance of processors by increasing their clock speeds. However a few years ago they ran into a few serious problems. RAM access speeds were not able to keep up with the increased speed of processors, causing processors to waste clock cycles waiting for data. The speed at which electrons can flow through wires is limited, leading to delays within the chip itself. Finally, increasing a processor's clock speed also increases its power requirements. Increased power requirements leads to the processor generating more heat (which is why overclockers come up with such ridiculous cooling solutions). All of these issues meant that is was getting harder and harder to continue to increase clock speeds.  The designers realized that instead of increasing the core's clock speed, they could keep the clock speed fairly constant, but put more cores on the chip. Thus was born the multi-core revolution.

    I found a bug in the Norm function. Somehow it comes up with an error when executing a noncontent variabel.



            Error, (in Student:-LinearAlgebra:-Norm) when calling 'LinearAlgebra:-Norm'. Received: 'expects its 1st argument, MV, to be of type {Matrix,Vector}, but received a'


    Anyone know if this is going to be solved or anything to prevent it?


    In Maple's Help system there is an icon to switch the Examples from 1D Maple notation input to and from 2D Math input (the default).

    Why is the 2D Math form of the Help Examples in red? That doesn't match the any of Maple's interfaces' entry modes, does it? Shouldn't the input be in black, to match what appears to be 2D Math input in Worksheet mode?

    Also, the 2D Math form of the Help Examples loses inlined explanatory comments. For example, on the modp1 help there is this, in 1D Maple notation...

    My name is Darin Ohashi and I am a senior kernel developer at Maplesoft. For the last few years I have been focused on developing tools to enable parallel programming in Maple. My background is in Mathematics and Computer Science, with a focus on algorithm and data structure design and analysis. Much of my experience with parallel programming has been acquired while working at Maplesoft, and it has been a very interesting ride.

    In Maple 13 we added the Task Programming Model, a high level parallel programming system. With the addition of this feature, and a few significant kernel optimizations, useful parallel programs can now be written in Maple. Although there are still limitations and lots more work to be done on our side, adventurous users may want to try writing parallel code for themselves.

    To encourage those users, and to help make information about parallel programming more available, I have decided to write a series of blog posts here at Maple Primes. My hope is that I can help explain parallel programming in general terms, with a focus on the tools available in Maple 13. Along the way I may post links to sites, articles and blogs that discuss parallel programming issues, as well as related topics, such as GPU programming (CUDAOpenCL, etc).

    My next post, the first real one, I am going to explain why parallel programming has suddenly become such an important topic.

    The NullSpace help page in online help uses {{...}} for sets instead of {...}. I didn't check other pages with help examples containing sets.

    Just looked at the RowSpace (and ColumnSpace) online help pages. They contain [[...]] instead of [...].

    It seems the cascade, tile etc... under the windows option only work when extra tabs from the same maple.exe are opened in a new window.  If multiple maple.exe files are started separately the cascade, tile etc... windows options are unavailable.  Not really a problem, it makes sense.  Third party programs are probably available that would force multiple windows into tile or cascaded format.

    I have  suggestion for people who make maplesim. In this version in MapleSim
    2.0 it's not posible to enter piecewise function in Signal
    Blocks-Sources-Real-Real Expression component. It will be wonderfull If you
    make this avalible.


    My equation is,

    H*sin(x)=(A/2)*sin(2*x) - (B/4)*sin(4*x)

    where  H=800  and  x = 0..pi/2

    How can I solve A and B parameters by maple?

    Thank you in advance


    Some changes are coming to MaplePrimes!

    The following is strange. By acting on an equation label (in the Standard GUI) a subsequent global reference gets printed as if it were a module reference.

    > restart:
    > x:=ScientificConstants:-Constant(c);
                                  x := Constant(c)
    > ScientificConstants:-GetValue(x);
    > y:=:-Constant(hbar);
                                 y := Constant(hbar)
    > ScientificConstants:-GetValue(y...

    Not all objects can be saved to .m and retrieved sucessfully in a restarted or new session. This is the case not only for "escaped" locals, but also for some objects implemented as function calls of a module member.

    > restart:
    > t := ScientificConstants:-Constant('c'):
    > type(t, specfunc(anything,ScientificConstants:-Constant));
    > ScientificConstants:-GetValue(t...

    Is there a way to disable the evaluation of an expression in a working page. For example:




    I'd like to have y=2 not evaluated. Instead of deleting that line, is there a way that I can indicate to Maple to skip line 2? Many thanks.

    Chin Li

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