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  • Over on the usenet newsgroup comp.math.soft-sys.maple, someone asked about using Maple's overload facility to redefine the operators such as `*`, `+`, etc.

    The difficulty for the submitter is that while overload (and option overload for procedures) can provide enhanced operators for new routines, it doesn't affect routines saved in the Maple Library which already have their bindings. Overloading does not subsequently change the bindings of the operators when used in (most all) Library routines.

    One way to try and get around this is to actually redefine the global operators. And since overload is on topic, one can still use it in the replacements that one writes.

    In order to redefine global operators one must first unprotect them. They are protected for a very good reason. If the replacements are not adequate then Maple can fail in a multitude of ways. It's a case of caveat emptor.


    I have installed Maple 7 on my computer because I can't install a third time Maple 12 Student Version.

    Is there a way to use my Maple 12-Maplets and to create maplets on Maple 7 ?



    Twenty years after I first plotted the Mandelbrot set on a ZX Spectrum with 48K of RAM and a 3.5MHz processor, I’m still amazed by the sheer complexity and beauty contained therein.  I now have access to far more computing horsepower and can create ever more vivid visualizations.  It’s surprising what you can do with some creativity and a modicum of patience.

    There is quite a difference in the way plot and plots:-pointplot handles colors when using lists of HSV or HUE values.

    In the first example below the colors are quite different when using plot and pointplot with HSV.

    In the second example plot handles HUE values, but pointplot reports an error.

    #First HSV


    #Now HUE.

    I formed the Maple Global Network group on LinkedIn to bring together users, developers, clients, consultants, academics, and professionals worldwide who do technical computing with Maple and related Maplesoft products like MapleSim, Maple T.A., and MapleNet.  (To learn how MaplePrimes and the Maple Global Network complement each other, please see this forum post.)  I cordially invite all MaplePrimes members to join the Maple Global Network today!

    What single change in Maple would you want more than any other?

    Maybe it's an enhancement, or a functionality change, or a bug fix.

    I was fortunate enough to spend the last two weeks on vacation in the south of Spain. Spain is a country composed of intricately layered history and traditions; influenced over thousands of years by its various inhabitants and conquerors: the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, and of course the Christians (the Reconquista ended with the surrender of Granada in 1492 to Ferdinand and Isabella, the same year Christopher Columbus made his famous journey). Its food, music, art, architecture, and customs display these intertwined influences in unique and sometimes surprising ways.

    Hello, What is the best PC that can do complicated calculations fast? processor? RAM? chace? ..? Thank you


    I installed Maple 12 on Windows XP Sp3 and activated it. Maple 12 starts without any problem. When I want to evaluate an expression, context menu doesn't open. Cursor stay busy a moment and return normal. I have already installed Java Version 6 Update 10. Maybe, java version I have installed caused this problem. But I'm not sure. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem. 


    I am trying to export a plot object generated by implicitplot3d, for use and manipulation without Maple.  I am using Maple 11.02 (10/11/07) on Windows XP.

    I therefore seem to have three choices:

    1. POV.  My exported object does not render in pov-ray v3.6.

    2. DXF.  My exported object does not read in TrueView, and reads as black in SolidWorks eDrawings and another freeware viewer.


    I have activated 2 times Maple 12 and I have tried to activate it a third time on my new computer but it doesn't work:

    There is this message: the maximum number of activations has been reached.

    Must I buy Maple 12 again?

    As some expressions involving 'floor' and 'ceil' did not simplify as I have expected, I have gone to basics. In ?trunc > Description it is stated:

    ceil(x) = -floor(-x)

    But 'simplify' does not seem to know about this equation as this expression should simplify to 0:

                             floor(-x) + ceil(x)

    In principle, this seems to be a weakness in 'simplify'. For comparison, in Mathematica 5:



    I've a problem with my maple version right since some time.

    Every time I want to print the printing dialog states in the status line of the printer: "No jobs will be accepted" (this is freely translated from german).

    also piping the output into a file doesn't work, it simple doesn't create that file.

    If I start xmaple in a shell I got this:

    Has anyone tried the technique used here, to run Maple 12's 32bit Classic GUI with the 64bit Maple 12 kernel binaries, on Linux?

    Should I try and update it to work with Maple 11 or 12?

    It looks like some symlinks would have to change or be added, relative to the way that I did it for Maple 10.

    Has anyone ever tried to do a similar thing on 64bit Windows?

    Dave L

    How do I send a message to the author of an entry?  Presumably I can click the "Send message" link in the Navigation pane on the left side of this website, however, doing so means that I have to first figure out what the "handle" is for the person I want to contact.  Previously there was a "send message to author", or something equivalent, link in each of the posts; has that gone away?

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