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Have a problem with MaplePrimes? Want to suggest a possible improvement to the site? Please post it here.
In my brief experience posting to my blog and to forums on MaplePrimes, I've noticed the following four issues:
I joined MaplePrimes three short days ago and already feel very enthusiastic about all it has to offer. Just yesterday, I introduced myself in my first blog post. Much to my amazement, my post was read over 150 times in the first 24 hours, which is more traffic than my home page sees in weeks—what a great website! I have some questions and suggestions concerning MaplePrimes member profiles:
How long is MaplePrimes going to remain in beta ? Are there more features planned, or are you just waiting for a more appropriate time to make an announcement ? Personally, I think it's done, and overall it's a very good job. By the way, I hope the company makes a good effort to promote this site at the conference. Set up a computer set up in the main lobby where people could see the site. Just use a notebook with external keyboard, monitor, and mouse, and mooch wireless internet from the venue. On a sidenote, I think wireless internet was probably the most requested feature of last year's conference.
Can we please increase the amount of time uses are logged in after entering their name and password ? I have lost a number of good posts because the time expires while I am writing the post and then I hit submit. You get a blank screen telling you to log in and there is no way to use the forward and back buttons on your browser to resubmit the post. Usually I copy and paste my post to avoid this problem, however sometimes I forget and it's a terrible waste.
I define the tower function as base^^(-1)=0, base^^0=1, and base^^1=base. In general, base^^(height+1)=base^(base^^height). My program to calculate it has four inputs: base, iter( number of iterations),h(fractional part of height), and k(integral part of height). Two outputs: answer and prec(precision). For example 1.21^^(1/3)=1.1056691794 and 1.21^^(2/3) =1.1702307336. For this program .20<base<1.44, 0<=h<=1, and iter>=20 an even integer. If base<1 or k<=-2 the answer will be complex. This cannot be used for 1.60^^(7/2)=3.0863796925. I would like to put this in my library.
if a msg contains "r smallerthan 0" without a blank that the rest is cut off, while "r <><><>
My last post in "How Do I Newbie", and subsequent replies mistakenly appeared on the front page of the Maple Primes site. I don't know how this happened. Could anyone see if there's a possible glitch with the site or just my account ? I'm not sure if one of the options when creating posts is to choose the main page as one of the forums to post your topic. dc.
I would like to see some print functionality for the mapleprimes website. Now when you print a forum topic, the sidebars are printed as well, resulting in an ugly page where not a lot of space is left for the real content. It should suffice that an alternate print stylesheet is added in which the sidebars are hidden. I hope this is worth considering. -- Regards, Franky.
This is more of a question than a suggestion. My experiences with this site have all been positive, and I'm extremely grateful for the wonderful service provided by the staff members. I understand that a lot of the questions posted sometimes require a good deal of time and effort to answer. However I'd like to know why some "Newbie Questions" are answered only after hours, and some after a few days ? Is there a system or is it just the luck of the draw ? It also seems like there are a few staff members on this site to handle this heavy load. My question / suggestion is whether or not there is some possible way to address this issue, and if this issue is actually being addressed currently ?
It would be good if I could tell looking at the list of messages in the Inbox or other folder, to which of them I replied. Also, it would be a nice feature if I could see in the Sent folder whether my message to somebody had been read, or not.
It would be helpful to have a tool bar, menu, or list of links for selecting another forum from within a forum. The current structure requires the extra step of returning to the forum list.
I just tried to download a copy of a worksheet from a MaplePrimes posting. The file has a .mw extension and does contain a Maple worksheet. However, when I clicked on "download the worksheet" (or words to that effect) I saw the raw worksheet file displayed in my browser - I would prefer to have the worksheet open in Maple (or allow me to save it to my local disk). The HTML code that provided the link to the worksheet was created automatically by the "convert worksheet" utility available within MaplePrimes ( My conjecture is that the MaplePrimes server is not sending out .mw files with a MIME type that allows my browser to recognize it as a Maple worksheet. I believe the correct MIME type is application/maple.
It seems that the posting timestamp is an hour off: my last post appeared to have been posted an hour earlier than it was.
It would be good to have User Attachment Control Panel (as in phpBB) where I could look at my attached files, delete them if necessary, replace, and add files. Especially because the quota is not that big.

this is just my first message here on the new, and I hope there will be many more to follow. This site will hopefully be what I was missing for a long time : a user community for all things Maple.

Considering I'm new to the site, I was trying to find what I could all do... so wouldn't it be a good idea to put some suggestions in the FAQ on where to put what? That is, suppose I have a question regarding some function, where's the best place to put it? In a forum, you say? But which one? Or, suppose I found out a neat feature, and I want to share it with all of you, where should I put that? On some forum, or on my blog?
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