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Have a problem with MaplePrimes? Want to suggest a possible improvement to the site? Please post it here.
Forum pages do not seem to have a printer-friendly version option as the Maple FAQ section pages. Is it possible to add it? Alejandro
What is the point of the everthing but forum? It seems like the topics that might go in that forum could be just as easily (and perhaps more appropreately) posted as blog entries. Do people really want to discuss their hobbies in the Maple Primes forum? I think it is better not to have off topic forums like this because it might confuse less savy (or ESL) users.
This is more a question than a suggestion... under the "new content" tab, what does the "red star" beside some of the topics listed mean? At first I thought it indicates new topics added since I last logged in. But it doesn't seem to be consistent since I remember reading some of topics with "red star" before... Also, is there a way to list only those topics/threads with new materials (replies)? Currently, the new content tab seems to be listing ALL topics/materials in reverse posting order. But some threads/topics added later might not have new replies while some older topics would have new responses... this makes it hard to quickly locate what is new... (I know RSS would probably work in this case... but I kind of like to have a page of listing and quickly browse through it...)
For posts where there's an attachment, the CC information touchtes the attachment info ... Firefox 1.0.1 T4.
Good idea to provide a moderated place ... @admin: The look is something i have to get used to it, find the following screen shots for Netscape 4.7, IE or Mozilla (i do use larger fonts on my PC), it looks a little bit strange, look here:
just noticed that the default width for the text box when composing a message is too wide by 3-4 characters for a 1024x768 resolution. T4.
Is there an option to mark all posts read? Either for individual forums or for the whole board?
My signature isn't showing up.
We've already had a couple of very good tips and techniques posted by users. It would be nice to somehow pool these together and make it easy for users to "browse" ... at the beginning the moderators could make the call on what is a "great tip" but over time, there may be a more democratic mechanism ... any thoughts? T4.
I just posted a small maple module assignment. I used the code tag to typeset the module, however, the result, at least as previewed, strips off the indentation, which is not convenient. Here's an example: someproc := proc() description "this does nothing useful"; "this line should be indented"; NULL end proc;
Can you movie the "Preview" and "Submit" buttons? Maybe just below the "Body" box, above all the others (Input Format, Creative Commons, Attachments).
How about the choices I make in "Creative Commons" remembered for the future, so I don't have to re-do them every time?
Please use this forum to post any problems that you have with this website. Please also add any suggestions that you have as well. This forum is moderated by Will.
The Inbox and Private Message functionality has the potential to be very useful. Some issues: On selecting "Write a New Message", I see a blank field "To" next to a field marked "--contacts--". "--contacts--" should presumably expand to a list of users who I've marked as my contacts. However, the only way I can find to add to this list is to compose/receive mail from some user. 1) I might like to add a user to my Contacts list for future reference, without actually composing an email to this person immediately. 2) I think of 'contacts' as frequent contacts, and would like to be abl
We're now getting into the final points. One thing that I envisioned for this site is some way for individuals to showcase themselves and if they wanted to share certain identifying and possibly fun information. Currently that section looks extremely corporate and wreaks of someone wanting spam targets.

My suggestions are,

1) remove telephone numbers all together
2) keep addresses as knowing what country, city, organization etc.
3) My job is, (choose one only):
- technical professional in industry or government
- professor or university staff
- graduate student
- undergraduat student
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