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map won't work with left quotes



I'm trying to recreate a Mathcad sheet in Maple Flow

I could use some help figuring out how elementwise operations are made:

From mathcad, what i want to reproduce:

What I have in Maple Flow so far:

1) How do i get MF to output numerical valus in sigma_t ?

2) How would H look in MF? 

Thank you!



How do I combine a number of functions into a composite one?

For example
x := T -> (A - 1/T)/C;

y := x -> sqrt(1/27*B^3/C^3 + 1/4*x^2);

Combined into a final composite function
R := T -> exp((y - 1/2*x)^(1/3) - (y + 1/2*x)^(1/3)); such that the function R evaluates x and y as functions themselves.

Many times this sort of function definition makes it easier for the human.

MapleFlow is showing the exact same icon in the taskbar as Maple when both are open.  Be nice if they were slightly different.

I've been using Maple Flow for awhile and generally pleased with its performance...until today.

Going through my normal workflow, the sheet stopped evaluating and a little troubleshooting later it seems that the issue is that once I use a keyboard shortcut to include units, the sheet will not evaluate anything going forward. 


I was having this problem with Maple Flow 2021, and just purchased Maple Flow 2022 but am still having this problem.

I define a variable, using := and an equation (that itself uses other variables that have been assigned a numeric value) and end it with an = and it is clear that the variable has a numeric value successfully assigned to it.

Lower down in the document, I use this variable, but it isn't recognized as having any numeric value or having been previously definied at all and when evaluated it stays in symbolic form.

I have tried deleting variables, renaming them without subscripts, retyping equations, etc. and nothing seems to work. Oddly most of the variables work, but some won't even though there doesn't seem to be anything special about them.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.


I am having problems printing Maple Flow documents. I have set up both a header and a footer. In the Print Preview mode, everything is fine. When I try to print to a PDF file, the header loses its format and the footer does not print at all. Printing to a printer looks the same. What settings must be selected so that the printout can be passed on as a well-formatted document?

Many thanks in advance.


I have been unable to re-size and imported image into a Maple Flow 2022.2 document. I just used my old Maple Flow 2021 and I had no problem. When I use Maple Flow 2022.2 I cannot re-size an imported image. I was able to re-size an imported image in Maple Flow 2022.1. Is it just me or has anybody else experienced the same problem? I also imported the image into Maple 2022.2 and had no problem re-sizing the image.

When I try to change the number format (decimal places) of a sequence in Maple Flow using the right hand slide out context panel all numbers in the sequence are replaced by only the first number in the sequence.  I'm not sure if it has been fixed in 2022.1

Before the adjustment ...  

Selecting fixed prompts the result to stop after the first number in the series.


Can anyone else confirm this issue?

calculating specific weight I get an answer in kg/m2s2. The context panel does not allow me to change the units to N/m3. Any suggestions how to change the units to N/m3. If I use Maple I get the right units. The problem is with Maple Flow.

This forum complains when I paste an image of my Maple Flow work, asking that I copy and paste the content, instead of the image. How do I accomplish content copy and paste with Maple Flow?

Not all of the units I work with are available directly in Maple Flow (torque, especially). Can I create new units in some manner? How does Maple Flow handle conversions? The following is an attempt to coerce desired units that does not work:

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