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I have attached a maple document with some questions.  Pleas answer in an attached document since my web browser of some reason cannot read maple-math in the forum.
By the way admin should take a look at the

In the Belgium lottery they pick 6 numbers out of 42   (  there can't be 2 equals numbers being picked out )
Now for my maple homework , i must do some exercices in maple

1 ) Simulate the lottery
2 ) If you partici

I am taking a LA course, no problem with the math.  But Maple I don't know, and we are using Maple 12 student edition.  I have never used Maple and our underly-helpful teacher's answer is "go watch the training videos".


I try to put a prefix in front of the Omega unit (ohm). I does not work (see the attached file). The same kind of prefix works for all the other units.   Thanks

In the media today, there continues to be much discussion about how students in North America are moving away from the math, science, and engineering disciplines. It is an established fact that countries such as China, South Korea, and Taiwan graduate a much higher number of engineering students than those in North America. This is a cause for great concern in today’s highly complex world, and schools are attempting to solve the problem with math in a variety of ways, with varying success rates.

Hi. I am the Marketing Communications Manager at Maplesoft. This is the first piece of writing where you get to know who I am, but many of you have probably already read a lot of what I’ve written. I am responsible for the promotion of Maplesoft products. It’s my job to take what the really smart Maplesoft employees create and turn it into something engaging (and typically say all I need to say in 3 paragraphs or less, or in the case of subject lines, 49 characters or less). Within every piece of highly technical math-filled piece of writing is a gem of a story waiting to be brought out. I try (sometimes successfully, I hope) to bring out these stories. Every time you’ve read our newsletter “The Maple Reporter,” an email, or a letter from Maplesoft, you’ve read my work. My goal is for people to read what I write and say “I want that!” or “how do I do that?”

Hello,   I'm trying to find or simply define an associative and non-commutative product in Maple, with all the possibilities of the product *. The '.' product is only left assiciative, as '&*'.   How would it be possible ?   Thanks !
This is my very first time using Maple or any program like it, so bare with me. I need to generate 50 random 4x4 matrices with entries in R and 50 more in Z. I also need to find out how many of them have the determinate of 0. Could anyone assist me in how I would go about doing this? Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you very much. Thank you, James D.
Maple solves the 4 equations for the 4 unknown, although I eventually need to end up with just the real part. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Once I get to the bottom of this worksheet and begin to try to extract (ie copy) each A1, A2, B1, B2, it freezes, my system stops functioning, to the point where I have to shut it down and restart it. Trying a few times, I see that, once I load this worksheet in, and begin at restart, once it does the last calculation, if I right click
I am trying to graph a unit circle with a triangle in the second quadrant on one set of axes.  Can anyone help with this?  I'm just learning Maple and am having a hard time with it.  Thanks!
I would like to be ale to define a function such as f(x)= exp(a*x) and have it display the gausian curve and animate as the values of x change.  The software keeps treating a as a variable of it's own, I want to treat it as a constant. 
This is a unique, powerful and useful tool that will help students do decompositions of rational functions. See the attached worksheet. Also, you can view an interactive video tutorial that shows you how to use the Partial Fractions Finder: (Ctrl + click on link below) Video Tutorial: Partial Fractions Finder      
My question is in the worksheet attached to this document.   Thank you, trinity  
  See the interactive Level Curves and Cross Sections video tutorial: (Ctrl+click on link) Video Tutorial: Level Curves and Cross Sections   Alternatively, you can view a worksheet that provides a review and an example of level curves and cross sections.  
I can't make logplot or semilogplot, what is wrong? When I write "plot(x -> 10^x)" I get a nice plot in linear paper, but when I write "logplot(x -> 10^x)" or "semilogplot(x -> 10^x)" nothing happens. What do I do wrong? - Uffe
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