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Is there a way to create an interactive plot, and put it in a Maplet, so I could get onclick coordinates and display some points there on my plot ? I checked Maple help and I didn't find any onclick event for plot or Maplets,Elements,Plotter but I found something called PlotComponent and there are some options like clickx, clicky. Can I use it somehow in Maplet, or maybe there's another solution ?

How can I create using Maplet a window that is not modal, so I could minimize or maximize it (I know what to do to make it resizable and that's not the question I would like to ask).

This simple example creates modal window with no minimize and no maximize button:

> with(Maplets[Elements]);
> maplet := Maplet(Window([]));
> Maplets[Display](maplet);

Is there an option to set for a Window or maybe I should change some settings in Maple 13 that I'm using ?


I have problem that after using assume(...) and then use label such as (1.1)... then the assumptions are lost. Is it a bug?

Below is my attached worksheet (I used Maple 13 , I don't know if later version is better?)

Actually , the lost of assumptions will cause some problems such as make integration become unevaluated.... and will take you a hard time to debug...

hi, could You help me to write script(program) with maple( maple 13) exercise....?

1) The velocity of a freely falling object near Earth's surface is described by the equation
dv/dt=-g     (1.1)
where v is the velocity, g=9.8m/s^2 . Write a program that employs the Euler method to compute to solution to (1.1); that is, calculate v as a function of t. For simpilicity, assume that the initial velocity is zero-that is, the object starts from rest-and...

I'm using maple 13.

The expression that I paste below is quite large and subsequent expressions are also swelling. This is causing maple to slow down and in some instances I get a message saying the kernel has disconnected (maple just times out) I want a way to programmatically reduce the size of the output. I have tried simplify(expr,size) and this has helped some. I don't want to use simplify(expr,symbolic) because of the presence of the square roots. Is there...


I am attempting to do a least squares regression with two variable (HK and S) generating my curve.  The equations are extremely tempermental and won't allow maple to solve them using normal methods, so I'm resorting to numerical methods to minimize the least squares.

I am attempting to create a dataset that I can search for the minimum of "k" and have it tell me what "i" and "j" values I used to get there.  The code below is the basic idea, the...

i := 2:
y[i] := y[i-1]-(y[1]-y[2+1])*(1/2):
g[i] := (y[i+1]-y[i+2])*x/(y[i]-y[i+1])+(y[i+2]*y[i]-y[i+1]*y[i+1])/(y[i]-y[i+1]):
g[i] := unapply(g[i], x):
h[i] := unapply(solve(y = g[i](x), x), y):
for i from 2 by 1 to 7 do
end do:

for i from -1 by -1 to -8 do



I am very beginner of Maple softs, in order to proceed with my project i need to model a simple Human Knee joint and  to do its simulation, Somebody please help on this, otherwise i cant able to proceed with my project.


Waiting for a solution


I have 2 queestions:

1- concerned about the title font format:

fot the title


the little problem in the last value q=-10 it appear theta=10 even the sign (-) invisible

2- the sign(-) at the tickmars...  i got the problem to get repeated value of unknown parameter ''ALPHA"" using pade approximation in maple. i uploted my worksheet kind watch out my problem. and give some 

hello ,

I have figured out how to solve for corresponding values but when i try to solve the set of equations by using for example,

a :=[10 values]

b:=[10 values]

w:= [10 values]

##here i want to solve the set of equations for  [a1 b1 w1] ,[a2 b2 w1] , [a3 b3 w1] i want to solve the equations for all correponding values of a,b @ each w ##

set of equations (function of a,b,c)

i cant make it work...

Can I solve the following two coupled differential equations instead of the previous one in Maple 13?

 with plots

Eq[1]:=3*f(eta)*(diff(f(eta), `$`(eta, 2)))-2*(diff(f(eta), eta))^2+3*g(eta)

Eq[2]:=(diff(g(eta), `$`(eta, 2)))/Pr+f(eta)*(diff(g(eta), eta))

BCs := [f(0), (D(f))(0), g(0)-1, g(25)]

pars := {Pr = 1}

for i to 2 do eq[i] := subs(pars, Eq[i]) end do

eqs := eq[1], eq[2]

vars := f(eta), g(eta)

No that way I could have chosen infinity at 10 or lower values also. f ' will go from 0 to 0 through positive values only. But how can I claim then that my solution is infinity independent. Because if I change the value of infinity whole solution changes.


Moreover at 15.6 the value of f ' is sufficiently close to 0 but value of g (0) is about 0.15 which is far greater than 0. g (0) goes to zero at about eta=25.

So  can I get rid of the problem?  

What's wrong?
I need to minimize (z-Z) T.E-1. (z-Z).
How can you see in the first Call to LSSolve worked. By introducing objectivejacobian I have problems

Dear All,


I would like to ask either MAPLE is capable to solve >2 boundaries value problem.

Actually I'm solving a system of ODEs in a membrane divided electrochemical cell, basically a REDOX process.In 1 part I have 2 species reacting and in another part I have 3 species reacting , 2 of the species exist in both part.

At the end I wanted to coupled all the species together.

So basically I have 4 boundaries and I would like to solve it simultaneosly.

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