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Given a list with sublists e.g.


is there a way of merging everything into a single list, for example


Hi there!

In order to keep the code more readable, and to spare myself some brackets, I am trying to use the function composition to write




but it doesn't work. How would I do it the right way? (I am coding in 2D math)


Thanks for help!


1 .. Nonlinear*Fractional*KdV*equation

PDE1 := D[t]^alpha*u(x, t)-3*(u^2)[x]+u[xxx] = 0;

D[t]^alpha*u(x, t)-3*(u^2)[x]+u[xxx] = 0


"u(x,0)=6*x         0<alpha<=1, t>0"

Error, missing operation

"u(x,0)=6*x         0<alpha<=1, t>0"








PDE2 := diff(u(x, t), [`$`(t, alpha)]) = diff(u(x, t), x, x)

diff(u(x, t), [`$`(t, alpha)]) = diff(diff(u(x, t), x), x)


"IC:= u(x,0):=sinx , 0<alpha<=1 , t>0"

Error, unable to parse

"IC:= u(x,0):=sinx , 0<alpha<=1 , t>0"




I am trying to simplify the last expression, it has assumptions in it. The numerator is a negative of the denominator so I am trying to get 1, Please help.

Dear Users!

Hope you would be fine. I want to construct system of equations by comparing the likes powers of x^i*y^j*t^k1*exp(k2*eta) for an expression H1 present in attached file. Please see the fix my problem. I shall be very thankful for your kind help.

After run a batch to cmaple to run a prettyprint=0 and screenwidth=500

it use lprint in window

i set prettyprint=2 

still can not set back to original print for matrix

I have big expressions containing RootOf() which are however pretty simple.

For example something like


Is it possible to convert this later into the actual solution? e.g. +-*I ??

I want to solve the following algebraic equation system using solve command. But, it gives only the trivial solution. I want to find a,b and c in terms of k. k is a constant here. Thanks in advance.




{a=0, b=0, c=0}


I'm currently wondering about the cut I'm looking for in the following worksheet.

I evaluate it in 2 ways but get different answers. Any idea what the problem here is?



restart; dIs := sqrt(Pi/(I*s))*exp(I*s*t-I*s*omega0^2); Is1 := `assuming`([simplify(int(dIs, s))], [s > 0]); dIs := `assuming`([int(exp(-I*(omega^2+omega0^2-t)*s), omega = -infinity .. infinity)], [s > 0]); Is2 := int(%, s); plot3d(Im(eval(Is1, [t = x+I*y, s = 1, omega0 = 1])), x = -3 .. 3, y = -3 .. 3)













Hello everyone!

I want to solve a pde and create a matrix. But unfortunately, an error is formed. 

Please, someone help me to remove that error.

Here, I am attaching a mapple file.


How to write the Newton's method and Bisection method in Maple of a function depending on a parameter ? The goal is to solve the equation F(y, eta) = 0 and find the root y(eta) using the Newton's method or Bisection method. An example is attached. 

Thank you

I am wanting to plot a phase portrait of du/dt against u.


I have attempted to draw this on maple however am having great difficulty. Can anyone recommend what I may be doing wrong or how I should go about doing this?


Hi Dears,

Let us consider the following polyhedral cone which is defined by 8 inequalities (also, x,y,z ≥0): 

1. y-z ≥0

2. 3y-2z ≥0

3. 2y-2z ≥0

4. x-2y+z ≥0

5. x-y ≥0

6. 2x-y ≥0

7. x-z ≥0

8. x+y-z ≥0. 

How can we deduce that the inequalities 3 and 4 may be define this polyhedral cone and the others are redundant?

How can remove the redundant inequalities for defining this polyhedral cone?

Is there any Maple command or function that recive these 8 inequalities and return inequalities 3 and 4? In fact, inequalities 3 and 4 are facets of this polyhedral cone. 


Thank you in advanced. 

Sincerely yours

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