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When I type

cos(x), sin(x)

and start the Plot Builder (using the contextual menu) the first option it gives me is for a 2-D plot.  However, when I type

cos(x), x

and start the Plot Builder the first option is a 2-D polar plot and the "standard" 2-D plot is nowhere on the list.  Is this a known bug?  (I'm using Maple 15.01 on Windows 7.)



Hello. I'm studying engenieering mathematics at DTU and I just started working with Maple. When I tried to open my work in progress I got the following message: "
There were problems during the loading process. Your worksheet may be incomplete".

Some of my colleges are experiencing the same problem... 

I have been running up against a memory limitation when running v15 from a Linux Ubuntu workstation.  The memory indicator in Maple gets up to 39.36M but will not go above that.  After I reach this limit I am still able to perform further computations but Maple gets slow and eventually crashes.  Here is one of the lines from the error message:

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

Dear All Members;

In my research I faced with this problem and I appreciate if any of you specialists be able to help me in this issue. I brought the question here:


Please let me know that is it possible to finde this derivative of Bi-variate Normal distribution in Maple? If yes, could you please help me to do this?



Is it possible to search a variable or any word or a command in a long worksheet

Thanks in advance


In Maple 15 "Document" mode, how may I create a 2D fraction as *text* (as opposed to mathematical input that Maple evaluates)?




My name is Jonas, and i'm trying to do some calculations on bending of a aluminium frame. Now i'm really confused why it wont plot! 

I attached my maple file. I hope my question is clear! 

Thanks in advance!





Why the Maple, the power of zero to zero 1 and I do not indeterminate? thanks Zampiva Diego

For example, I have the expression:


How to isolate terms in i and other terms (automatically) to get :



Thanks in advance

hi, i am a danish htx student and we use maple for our math lessons, when i started here i installed maple 13 and it has been working fine, but our serial runs out so i had to upgrade to maple 15. when i did i uninstalled the previous maple version and installed the 64 bit maple for my 64 bit windows vista. now when i try to do for instance f(x), the ( and ) breaks maple and all text/numbers vanishes, if i open my previous school homework they look empty aswell. clicking and...

Hello there,

Im using this code


> with(ExcelTools);

> L := Import("C:\parameters15.xlsx", "Sheet1", "A2:I2");
and I keep getting :     Error, (in ExcelTools:-Import) Could not open the file.
What are the possible reasons for this? I have triple checked the file name, location and extension. It's all good.

And so with this provocative title, "pushing dsolve to its limits" I want to share some difficulties I've been having in doing just that. I'm looking at a dynamic system of 3 ODEs. The system has a continuum of stationary points along a line. For each point on the line, there exist a stable (center) manifold, also a line, such that the point may be approached from both directions. However, simulating the converging trajectory has proven difficult.

I have simulated as...

Hello All,

How may I have Maple accept and output J, rather than I, for imaginary numbers?




Hello All,

Are there keyboard shortcuts for pi and e? It's quite inconvenient to pull these from "Common Symbols". Thanks!




When an existing .mw file is opened in Maple 15 (i.e. by double clicking the file in Windows Explorer), a new document is always opened automatically alongside the existing file, and a "Startup" dialog pops up asking the user to select "Document" or "Worksheet" mode. I think this is annoying because each time the user needs to close the dialog to get to his/her .mw file.

This behavior did not occur in Maple 14 and I don't understand the reason for this change. Can we go back to the previous behavior?

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