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Hi everybody,
I have these two (three) animations (a single animation and a array with two other animations) and I would like to plot the three animations such that when I click on the play button of one of them, all the three animations starts at the same time.. I don't know how to get this, please help me if you can!
This is the code of my animations that I'd want to run at the same time:

The first:



Dear Sir,

I attached an example file to this email via speedyshare, please check it out, also please see the following pasted warning message from that file.

My analysis gives a warning. Though I have results that look reliable, it is nasty to receive this kind of warning...

Actually what this warning means?
Does it affect the results badly?
How about reliability...

I need to cut a circle into equal pieces like a pizza, but how do I do this through code?


Also, I need to be able to find the area, angle, and arc length. Is this possible through code?



I need to create an ellipse and an ellipsoid (ellipse in 3D) through code. How would I be able to do this? Can someone please give me an example for each?


Also, I will need to create a line for an ellipse and a plane for an ellipsoid that intersect. Would I be able to find the intersecting points? Would I be able to find the function for the curve line that is created when a plane intersects an ellipsoid? Also, how would I find the surface area and volume...

I currently need to cut a sphere into equal parts becuase I am carrying out an investigation for a school assignment. However, I do not know how I can cut the sphere into pieces in Maple, which I have been told it needs to be done through code. I will need to know how I can cut it so I can carry out my investigation by cutting it into different number of pieces. For example, cutting a sphere into half, so one piece would be a hemisphere.


Also, I will...

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Please see the solution output in blue color, there are 7 answers seperated by commas

Can you please help me:

1 - What "0.0000591392596494206" stands for?

2 - What "the matrix 4 rows by 1 column" stands for?


3 - What "460" stands for?



Here is a simple version of the code:


Hello, I need some help on how to solve this eq: diff(y(x),x,x)-y^2=0; y(0)=100,y(2)=1 When I tried to do this by solve command, I get a blank list. I really need help on this. thanks a lot

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Hi, this may be a stupid question, but I have trouble getting it right...

I want to create a matrix from a function that uses some of the arguments of the fuction as indices, but want to carry on the other arguments, here is an example of what I have:


MyMatrix:=Matrix(3,3,(k,l)->MyFunction(a,b,c,k,l)); # this is working but not what I want

MyMatrix now contains a,b,c as variables but not as function parameters ...

Hi im somehow not able to export my worksheet into a word document, as the rtf format doesnt seem to be available on the maple 15 mac version. converting into html is possible but not satisfying. i really need help here.

thanks a lot !!!!


The Units package includes various units that are called ton/metric ton/tonne/short tons but not long tons (LT). A long ton is equal to 2240 pounds of weight and is part of the imperial system, so it is also know as the "imperial ton" or the "weight ton".

This unit (the long ton) is used extensively in naval architecture and ocean engineering. I would hope that you consider adding it into the next update of the Units package.


Or perhaps, it would...


I have explored some multi-animation with maple, but I can not change the parameters one by one.

Command Explore is analog to Mathematica's Manipulate but the problem in a new worksheet.

How to get Explore like Manipulate in the same worksheet ?


I have a strange error when i try to plot an ODE with "numeric,method=gear,parameters=[...]" as options activated. After this implementation I give the parameter a value: ODE(parameters=[123]); -> works. But when I type "odeplot(ODE, [x(t),y(t)],10..20,numpoints=100);" for example, i get the errormessage:

" Error, (in dsolve/numeric/gear) Array index out of range"

But when i remove the option "method=gear", so that the ODE is solved with default runge-kutta...

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