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I am in document mode where I have plots that I generated using the right click on the expression. Then I edit the range and style and drag in two other expressions that plot. everything looks wonderfull until I save and reload the document. and all the edits and dragged in plots are gone. When I try to use plotbuilder to get around this when I reload the document the plotbuilder screens come up when the document executes waiting for all the plot info to be input again. I Think that if I use a worksheet plot command directly with all the parameters and expressions included that it would do what I want. But I would think that when you hit save in document mode it should save what you see.
How do I change the size of a plot programmatically from the default size? I can do it by clicking the plot and pulling the borders with the mouse, but not programmatically. When using an embedded plot, one can easily define the the size of the plot component in the x- and y-direction (pixelheight, pixelwidth) using SetProperty from the DocumentTools package. I would like to do the same thing for a regular Maple plot, but have been unable to find the right command. Is it possible to do that? Thank you for the help. Peter
Hello World! Please help!! Im trying to make my equation solving user friendly and im having real issues getting to grips with the Get/SetProperty commands for my embedded components. Im trying to set a text box(component_name?) so that the value (value??) within it is set as the desired parameter (attribute_name???) which is then substituted into my equations and solved for. Can you send me a simple example or have a look at mine, all the tutorials are too complex and tricky for me to figure out! I've read about DougsDocument tools but will the end user need this installed to use the utility if it's posted on maplenet?
1. I have a third order PDE with boundary conditions. I try and solve numerically but Maple 9 returns the above error ... Error, (in pdsolve/numeric) unable to handle elliptic PDEs. Would anyone be able to help? 2. If I transform this PDE into an ODE, it returns that there is a "removable singularity at x=0". How do I solve knowing this? Many thanks for any help. Sandra
I tried Maple to find a closed-form expression of the following infinite
where r and a are probabilities and |z|<1.
It did not work
Then I tried to get a series expansion of F around z=0, i.e:
Got the following error message:
Error, (in series/exp) unable to compute series
However when the upper limit of the summation is changed from infinity to any pre-defined number;
ex: F:=sum(r^j/(1-a*z^j),j=1..100)
Maple was able to derive the series expansion around z=0.
Is there any way to get the series expansion at z=0, when the upper limit of the summation is infinity ?
I'm trying to fit an equation to some experimental data but I'm not sure how to do it. Could someone here please offer their help? I would really appreciate it. I have three fitting parameters: kT, kU, and A. I will post my worksheet below and I will also attach the part where I begin to try to fit the data in case it doesnt read well when I post it here. > restart > ptotal := 0.0000022 ptotal := 0.0000022 > Ci0 := 1 Ci0 := 1 > d 2 2
Hey All, I'm new here, but I'm getting a math degree in 20 days if I can finish this project, so hopefully when finals are over I'll be able to stick around. I'm also new to Maple. I have two ODEs which I can plot. I simplified them to be, well, very simple. The ones I want to use are more complicated by a wee bit. de:={diff(x(t),t)=x(t)+y(t),diff(y(t),t)=x(t)+y(t)}; ic:=[[x(0)=1,y(0)=1]]; ic := [[x(0) = 1, y(0) = 1]] Now I want to see how x(t) varies with (t), but all I can find to do is DEplot(de,{x(t),y(t)}, t=0..10, ic);
Hi everyone, I'm new here and I need some serious help. This may seems stupid to you but here it goes. A friend of mine has Maple 10 and I've done my homework with him. But At my school, they've got Maple 6 or something like that and my teacher is unable to see the worksheet that I've done.... Can you help me???
i want to label something in a PLOT structure with TEXT. the problems are that the POLYGON i want to label is (usually) dark. One might solve this by guesstimating the size of the label and putting a white polygon behind it. The problem with this is that text doesn't scale in the same way that polygons do, so when you enlarge or reduce the graph the "text box" no longer holds the text. is there an option for TEXT that will write the label on white? or some other way of doing this? also the text is of variable length (edge weights for a graph, actually). thank you for your help
Hi, I need to find how many solutions were found by solve or fsolve. I have solutions := fsolve(eqution,t) and I need to operate solutions in the loop, I have tried to make condition solution[i] <> NULL. It seems to work, but it print an error message(when i is higher then no of solutions). Is there any possibility, how to get no of solutions to bypass that, or any better solution? Thanks for your answer
Hi, this is a really simple question but I just can't seem to find a solution, how do I plot a vertical line in maple such as x=10, everytime I try something it always plots the line y=10 and gives me a horizontal line. Thanks.
Can anyone help me please?! Cash Reward! My program solves my implicit equation but i am having trouble getting more than one result, ie, varying one of the variables. The best i can do is make a loop which gives a table of results which requires individually copying the results across into Excel for anysort of graph. Ideally i want to be able to plot the results in Maple, for any variable. This is for my 3rd year engineering project, any help much appreciated. > restart; > with(LinearAlgebra): > # IMPACT OF A FLUID FILLED SPHERICAL SHELL ("NON-HERTZIAN") WITH A "HERTZIAN" BALL-
Finding the period is simple enough, but gets really irritating once the number of terms in the continued fraction expansion gets large. I've scoured the help files and cannot find anything on it. All I have managed to do is right click on the output and convert it to a list. But then I don't know what the command is to find the number of elements in that list.
I am not able to numerically solve a non-linear PDE using "pdsolve". The problem seem to be arising due to non-linearity in the PDE. Once I remove the non-linearity (by removing a partial derivative in X below), the error goes away. The code and the error are included below: X:= Q(t,r)/(Q(t,r)+(0.75*diff(Q(t,r),r))); PDE:=diff(Q(t,r),t)+X*(diff(Q(t,r),r)*1.5*(0.03-r))+Q(t,r)*r=0; IBC:={Q(1,r)=0.01*r,Q(t,1)=10*(exp(1-t)-0.999),Q(t,0)=(exp(1-t)-1)}; ANS:=pdsolve(PDE,IBC,numeric,time=t,range=0..1,method=Box); Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/process_PDEs) selecting function must return true or false
I'm trying to read an image into MAPLE as a matrix but I can't get the Read commmand to work. Is there some kind of working directory that I need to have the image in? Can someone give me some detailed examples on how to do this? ~Jacob
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