Question: Write equations and to export all of them to Latex

Dear friends,

Here a toy version of my problem. I would like  to write several equations and to export all of them to latex. It consist

in three steps


FIRST  I would like to generate for





the equations(for all the combinations of j1, j2 and j3):


assume(a>0, b>0, c>0, d >0, Qs >0):


j1*a + j2*b + j3*c + k/d*X1 = Q1

j1*a + j2*b + j3*c + k/d*X2 = Q2



j1*a + j2*b + j3*c + k/d*X27 = Q27


SECOND  to find the solutions of X1..X27 of the previous equations.


THIRD To export all the values of X's to LATEX (expression like  "X1 = Q1*d/k", etc.) Probably this is possible to do sending the solution values of X to a text file (but I am not sure if this is the most efficient method).

Maybe it is needed to use the command seq(), but I couldnt do much.

It would be possible to do all those steps with commands of MAPLE14?


Thanks in advance for your attention,



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