Question: Memory use in Maple 14

Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience.

I assign Maple projects to my students in table format.  They do their work in the first column and I write my comments in the second column.

I noticed that while I grade a worksheet (Maple 14 on a Windows 7 laptop), Maple becomes very sluggish.  I started monitoring  Maple's memory usage while editing.  When I open the file, the memory footprint is roughly 60,000K.  After about 40 or 50 words, that has doubled.  When it grows to around 400,000K the lag between keyboard presses and screen feedback becomes so distracting that I have to shut Maple down and restart.  For each assignment I grade, I have to restart up to 3 times.

I use Maple 14 on an HP Elitebook 2740p tablet.  Core i5 processor, 4GB ram.

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