Question: dualaxisplot or alternative

Here is the sort of data I want to plot:


The above works (Maple 14, Windows 7, Standard GUI). but I'd like to use different scales on the left- and right-hand sides, e.g. raise the second plot by a factor of 10.

I thought dualaxisplot would be the ticket, but I haven't been able to make it to work. It may have to do with the fact that my data is a list of coordinates rather than a function (i.e. may have to do with data structure). Or it's just, once again, my inability to make a simple thing work. My attempt, rather naive:


(with or without style=point)

Do I need to specify some option?

I looked at the help menu, obviously, had hopes that plot,coords or plot,changecoords or plot,multiple or some plottools option might work for that, but haven't found so far.

many thanks.

P.S. Since I'm here I'll ask this too:

1. is there a multipleaxisplot workaround/proc?

2. is there an expplot analogous to logplot?

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