Question: The problem with calling of package in the procedure body

The following simple procedure: 
SubsColumn: = proc (A, V, k) 
local B, m; 
with (LinearAlgebra); 
m: = ColumnDimension (A); 
B: = <A[..,1..m]|V>; 
B: = ColumnOperation (B, [k, m +1]); 
B: = DeleteColumn (B, m +1); 
end proc; 

solve the problem of replacing the column index k in matrix A by the vector V. But when you try to apply this procedure: 
A: = <<1 | 2 | 3> <4 | 5 | 6> <7 | 8 | 9>>: 
V: = <0,0,0>: 
SubsColumn (A, V, 1); 
Error, (in SubsColumn) non-integer ranges in Matrix index 

Interestingly, when the reinitialization procedure code error is gone and all is well! 
Error does not occur if the package LinearAlgebra calling out the procedure body. 
Distinguished experts in Maple! Explain please, who knows the cause to an error!

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