Question: Plotting failing in MAPLE 14 on VISTA OS for plots above certain size

Having overcome a Java VM problem, I have a further problem which is now
limiting my use of MAPLE 14 on Vista:  plotting is limited to plots with
relatively few points or graphical content.

Here is an example in MAPLE 14 (in classic and the normal modes):

> with(RandomTools):with(Statistics):
> N:=400;
> rlist:=(Generate(list(float(range=-1..1),N))):
> plot(rlist,color=black,thickness=1);

This works fine up to N=170, but for N => 180  I get the dreaded VISTA blue
circle and MAPLE stalls.  The MAPLE stop execution command will not respond.
The only way to escape is exit from MAPLE altogether.  I have the same
experience in my other MAPLE worksheets.

(This problem does not arise on my old XP machine, where I have plotted
successfully even with N=10000).

Can anyone to help resolve this problem?


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