Question: Maple 15 soon to be released - any goodies?

Maple 15 will soon be released (looks like sometime in April based on the last two relese dates).  It also looks like Maplesoft, recently, has settled into a happy release date schedule of April and October where we can most likely expect a major release or update to be available. 

It seems ironic that the even releases of Maple seem to be the most successful.  Maple 10 was more so than Maple 11 but probably due to it's long 2 year stay before Maple 11 was released.  Then Maple 12, which I find many people still use today including myself.  Then there was Maple 13, I prefer to call the lost edition because I don't seem to hear much about it today, to me it seemed slower than 12 which may have been a factor.  Then Maple 14, not as quick as 12 but then it had a slew of new plotting options improved flythroughs and an improved cloud interface, lots of cool new things to play around with.  Unless 15 has some new attractive goodies I think the majority of people will stick to version 14 and pass over version 15 to wait for Maple16.  Although I'm sure every hardcore maple user can't wait to get their hands on the next brand new version of Maple. 

So down to the real question at hand ... Are there any real goodies or surprises being released in Maple 15? 


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