Question: How to import a photo to Maple

Hi everyone

I'm new to the forum, but I hope you can help me with a problem concerning import of pictures to Maple. I'm working with diffraction from a rectangular and circular aperture. I haven't made the experiment yet, but I've thought about taking some pictures of the diffraction pattern and then use Maple to calculate the intensity of the light to make a three dimensional plot (intensity as a function of position).

Right now I just want to import a picture to Maple, but it doesn't work for me. On various websites I've read that you need to use the command "Read" included in the package ImageTools. Maybe I just don't know how to write the file position in the right format (syntax)...

Now I've saved a picture on my desk with the name "examplemaple.jpg". How can I import that file? Hope you can help me :)


Rasmus Dahl

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