Question: How do I export to latex?


I'm using Maple 11 and pdflatex. I'm trying to export Maple code to latex.  To this end, I've exported my maple file as a latex file and included the maplestd2e package in my tex document. However, from compiling the tex file I only obtain pdf output for those parts of the original maple file that represent output. For example, the following tex-code correctly produces the word 'true':

\mapleinline{inert}{2d}{true}{\[\displaystyle {\it true}\]}

Input, however, is not displayed. For example, the following tex-code should deliver "c:=.5;" but does not produce any output at all:

\mapleinline{active}{2d}{c := .5; 1}{\[\]}

I do not obtain any error messages upon compiling the tex-file.

Does anybody know, what the problem is? I would really appreciate any comments,

Kind regards,


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