Question: How to solve unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=1, pdf))); it error said number expected for floating point format

i need to copy the whole formula to pdf := something then it can calculate

2. also it can not plot

%%%% copyright by Martin Lee 2011%%%%%%%

l := [12, 14, 27, 35, 46, 49];
sl := gfun[listtoseries](l, x, egf);
g := convert(sl, ratpoly);
g := g - subs(x=0, g);
g := g/subs(x=1, g);
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=1, g)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.9, g)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.8, g)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.7, g)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.6, g)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.5, g)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.4, g)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.3, g)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.2, g)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.1, g)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0, g)));
dg := diff(g, x);
motion := {diff(f(x), x) - dg*f(x) = 0};
ic := {f(0)=1};
pdf := dsolve(motion union ic);

parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=1, pdf)));
plot(pgf, x=0..1);
subs(x=0, pdf)

Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct

pdf := exp(-(2719/500565199500)*(-147361665829*x-178346352030*x^2+40642515900*x^3-401454530170)/(5870-4081*x+930*x^2))/exp(185954832629/500565199500)
plot(pgf, x=0..1);
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=1, pdf)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.9, pdf)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.8, pdf)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.7, pdf)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.6, pdf)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.5, pdf)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.4, pdf)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.3, pdf)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.2, pdf)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0.1, pdf)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=0, pdf)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=-0.1, pdf)));
parse(sprintf("%.3f",subs(x=-1, pdf)));

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