Question: Optimize Parameter ODE (Ref: Robert Lopez)

Hi All,

I have a question that I see has been seldom discussed except certain posts by Mr. Lopez. This concerns the estimation of optimum parameters of the solution of a system of differential equations to fit experimental data. I referred to the Maple document provided by Mr. Lopez on the Maplesoft website.


I have a system of DE with 5 variables with actually 8 parameters reducible to 2 parameters. I set up my worksheet as suggested in the document by Mr. Lopez. However I am unable to get a sensible solution.When I solve the system with manually input parameters the solution makes sense.When I try to use NLPSolve ith the same parameters as initial points nothing happens.


The uploaded files, Dyson_McLean_V3 and Dyson_McLean_V5 are the two cases. The first one is with the manual input and the second is with the attempt to optmise the parameters.


Any help is sincerely appreciated.


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